Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The terms and conditions of use specified in this document govern the use of the Services offered by IDIX WORLD SRL By accessing the www. "Universointer.com" site, and using the relevant Services, you agree these terms and conditions of use and you are committed to fully comply with the obligations and rules detailed below, therefore, you are prompted by the User to read this document carefully.
We also invite you to read the privacy statement published on the Site in full and with great care for information on how we use your Data.

1. Company information
The services mentioned in these pages are offered by:
Ex S.S: 131 km 10,500 Sestu (09028 (Ca)
C. F. and P.IVA 03387940921
Registration number at the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce Companies Register: REA 267692.
Idix World srl is the owner of the brand "IDIX WORLD S.r.l.", and related Services.

2. Definitions
In the document, capitalized words, if not specified elsewhere, have the following meanings: Account: a set of features, tools and content attributed to a User to use the Services offered by IDIX WORLD S.R.L ..

Application: Any application or website that you use, access or interact with the Site.

Avatar: The image associated with the User Profile registered with the Service.

Browser: a program that allows you to use Internet connectivity services or a network of computers and to browse the World Wide Web

Deletion: The procedure through which a Account is permanently deleted.

Contract: jointly understood, the document containing the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service and the Privacy Statement published on the Site.

Content: Everything Users Publish to the Site Using the Service. Content published on the Site is the result of the User's free decision, which creates and disseminates its Content during the use of the Service.

User Data / Data: means the set of User Information required to enable the Service to be delivered through collection and processing activities. They include, but are not limited to, the personal and identifiable information of the User, data derived from actions, behaviors, and interactions carried out by the User in connection with the Service.

Intellectual Property Rights (or Copyright): All Intellectual Property Rights existing from time to time in all parts of the world, according to applicable law, including without limitation the Patent Law, Copyright Act, Privacy Act trademarks and unfair competition and all applications, renewals, extensions, and reinstatements of such rights, now or in the future, in force worldwide.

User Name: The identifier chosen by the User when registering to the Service.

Password: An alphanumeric sequence used to access the Service exclusively.

Platform: is the software base and / or hardware on which our applications are developed and / or executed to retrieve data from IDIX WORLD S.R.L ..

Profile: A set of Account Data and Accounts visible to all users of the Service.

IDIX WORLD S.R.L .: a term used to indicate the Company offering the Services and / or Services offered by it.

Registration: the process by which the User creates his / her Account by providing the required and necessary Data to use the Service.

Regulation: A document developed by the Company provides information on the behavioral rules that Users must comply with when using the Service.

Company: IDIX WORLD S.R.L. Ltd., the Company owning and owning the Site Rights, its subsidiaries, parent companies and affiliates, affiliated individuals / legal persons, directors, employees and employees of the Company.

Site: www. "Universointer.com"

Service (s): Use features provided through the Site and / or any other platform or means through which we allow Internet surfing.

User: registered users / registered users and unregistered users.

Unregistered user: Users who access the Site without completing the Registration process.

Registered User or Member: the user who has completed the Registration Process at the Service.

3. Intentions and purposes of IDIX WORLD S.R.L.
IDIX WORLD S.R.L. is a social network that connects users who share the same interests.
Access is allowed to all Users, even without registering to the Service. Failure to register, however, precludes the enjoyment of important features that can only be used by the Members.
Services are offered to Users through the www. "Universointer.com" website (including mobile versions) and / or any other platform or means through which we allow you to explore the Internet, find new websites that may be of interest for the User and participate in a community of individuals with similar tastes and interests. The IDIX WORLD S.R.L. is also available in mobile mode. To access the service you must download our APP by agreeing to the terms and conditions of use.

4. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of the service
To use the Services offered by IDIX WORLD S.R.L. must first be accepted the terms and conditions of use provided in this document.
Acceptance of terms and conditions of use can be made in the following ways:
By creating your account by accessing the registration process.
Using Services. In this case, the User deciding to use the Services offered by IDIX WORLD S.R.L. expressly acknowledges the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use as provided for in the Contract.
Downloading APP IDIX WORLD S.R.L .. on your mobile device

5. Provision of Services
The Service is accessible to everyone and is not required to be registered, however, the User Registration is recommended if you want to take full advantage of the features offered.
The service offered by IDIX WORLD S.R.L. offers its members the opportunity to publish Content, created by them in compliance with this contract and the law.
IDIX WORLD S.R.L. plans to provide its Services through companies worldwide, whether they are directly and / or indirectly controlled, whether they are companies that contribute to the provision of the Services provided, by virtue of industrial, strategic, or any other kind of agreements and alliances.
Services may include advertising activities.
Our is a constantly evolving project and aims to constantly improve the Services offered to its Users and foresee new ones.
The User is aware and agrees that the Services offered may be subject to modifications and changes without incurring prior notice and / or communication to the User of the Service to the Company.
You acknowledge that you are aware of and accept that the Company may at any time and without obligation to communicate to Users:
Proceed to Remove Content;
Temporarily and / or definitively disabling Access to Services, or some of the offered usage options, by one or more Users;
Delete a User Account.

6. Privacy
Our Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service and Privacy Privacy have been drafted in such a way as to provide clear guidance on the use of User Data.
We invite you to read the Privacy Statement published on the Site in full and accurate terms and use it to make informed decisions.

7. Account and Profile Creation
When registering with the Service, you must create your own Account and Profile. For the creation of your Account and your Profile, the User provides some data, such as, for example, your e-mail address and the Password you choose to access the Service, the User Name.
You can register and use the Service by deciding to download our Mobile App. When the user uses our APP, permission may be required for access to other content and information of the user. The proposed and accepted agreement at the time of adding APP establishes how the application can use, store, and transfer content and information on the mobile device. For a more detailed indication of the data and other information collected through the use of the APP we invite you to read the Privacy document.

You may also choose to register to the service via Social Login mode (using your Account on other web applications such as facebook, twitter). The User who chooses the Social Login mode must know that IDIX WORLD S.R.L. you may receive the following information: name and surname, date of birth, public profile, friends list. In addition, you may be required by the User for permission to write content on his / her wallet and / or his friends. You authorize IDIX WORLD S.R.L. to use this information for the purpose of providing the Service.

You must also know that by logging in by choosing the Social Login mode, it will automatically make visible to the Service Users its public profile in the web application that it uses for registration. Subscription via Social Login may allow the User's contacts to link the nickname chosen for registration with the Service with its identity on the other web application used.
In creating your own profile, the User has the opportunity to indicate personal information such as: the profession performed, other data and information regarding the skills, knowledge and skills held, other personal profile information, can upload their photos by sharing them with others users. When creating your own profile, the User can indicate a geographic reference location. In addition, the Service provides for the possibility of geo-localization of the User. Your profile will therefore also be associated with a geographic reference visible to all other Users logged in to the Service.
The Application provides a feature that allows each Registered User to search for other Registered Users on the basis of the selected geographic reference as a data extractor key for their own search. Attention is drawn to the fact that the Company does not perform any verification of the data and information provided and the actual compliance with the truth of what the User states when registering and using the Service. The Company can not, in any way and in any way, be held liable for the consequences resulting from the use by each User of the information provided by other Users.
The User declares under his / her responsibility that all the data released at the time of registration of the Account is true and correct.
Once created, the User Profile will display its Content and those received by other Users with whom an interaction was created through the use of the Service. Upon registration, and in order to guarantee the security of your Account, you agree to:
1. Do Not Provide False Personal Data.
2. Do not create an Account on behalf of another without authorization.
3. Do not create more than one Personal Account.
4. Do not create another account without the consent of IDIX WORLD S.R.L. if the original account is disabled.
5. Having completed 14 years of age.
6. Make sure your contact data is always correct and up-to-date.
7. Do not share your password or allow others to access your account or perform any other action that could endanger your security.
8. Do not transfer your Account and Profile to third parties without the prior written consent of IDIX WORLD S.R.L ..
9. Choose a name for your Profile that is not offensive and / or does not call for phrases or words that are considered offensive or inappropriate.
10. Always act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as with the rules of this document.
Violation by the User of one or more of the points above, may result in the cancellation of your Account by IDIX WORLD S.R.L ..

You agree to be aware of and accept that the Company may cancel your Account at any time, at your sole discretion, and without any obligation to notify the User whose Account has been canceled.

8. Clearance of the Account by the User.
You may at any time decide to cancel your Account.
To proceed with the deletion, simply go to the Settings section of your Profile and click on "Clear Account".
Cancellation of the Account entails the loss of the Member's quality and the ability to access the Services reserved to the Members of the Site. Once the Account is cleared, the User will no longer be able to access it or use it to access the Service. you can also access and / or modify your Profile. Deleted Profile will also no longer be accessible to other users.

Before proceeding with the cancellation of your Account, the User may remove the Content posted by him during the use of the Service. The User who intends to cancel your Account must know that if you also want to remove the Content that he has posted during the use of the Service, you must proceed to this deletion before proceeding with the deletion of your Account. The User who intends to proceed with the deletion of their Content has a dedicated, accessible and present feature for each Content.

However, some of the User's activities during the Service usage period are not only stored within your Account (for example: private messages sent to other Users, email notifications sent to other Users and Shared Content on other platforms), these Content will then be available even after you delete your Account and may not be rendered anonymous.
If, before deleting your Account, you will not also remove your Content as described above, the Unselected Content will no longer be removed from the Site and will therefore remain visible in conjunction with the User's Avatar and User Name Act of Inscription to the Service. The User Name and Avatar will be associated with the Unselected Content.

Deleting a User's content may result in the deletion of comments and replies published by other users in relation to such content. Because of this, in no way IDIX WORLD S.R.L. may be held liable for such cancellations.
The personal data of the User will be kept for the time required to comply with the provisions of the reference regulations. In this respect, we refer once again to the applicable law applicable to the present case (Legislative Decree 109/2008, which amended Legislative Decree 196/2003) and we invite you to verify what is provided in our Privacy Statement.

9. Security
Upon registration, the User will be required to choose a Password. The responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of the Password is entirely borne by the Registered User, who undertakes to keep it in a safe and secret place, and not to disclose it to third parties.
The Registered User can immediately inform the staff of IDIX WORLD S.R.L. in the event you notice that your Account has been unauthorized access or unauthorized use of your Profile.
The User who intends to subscribe to the Service, acknowledges that IDIX WORLD S.R.L. reserves the right to activate at any time any authentication and / or verification procedures of the Data provided by each User, subject to applicable rules, including Privacy, and from now on to consent to any new authentication and verification procedures that they should be introduced, provided that the implementation of such procedures is a faculty of the Company.

10. Content Sharing
The history of Search Search is and will always be private and will never be disclosed or made available to other Users or other entities.
The user is the owner of all Content published on the Site. Publishing and / or sharing of the aforesaid Content is carried out with full awareness and absolute autonomy from the User. For this reason, the Company will in no way be held liable for any breaches of personal and / or intellectual property rights that may be committed by the User to third parties. In any event, you agree to keep the Company guaranteed, free of charge and relieved of any consequence or claim inherent and / or related to the Content and / or its publication on the Site.

When publishing the Content, the User grants to the Company a temporary, non-exclusive, transferable and valid license for their use (IP License) all over the world. You agree that Content Publishing will be totally free and therefore you will not be able to advance or qualify for any title on economic claims.

By granting a license, the Company may use any Content posted on the Site or connected with the Service and will be authorized to use, copy, run, display, create derivative works and distribute User Content using any media or distribution method (now known or developed later) around the world.
The User License will be deemed revoked by You if you decide to delete your Content, and only to the Content you removed.

However, some of the User's activities during the Service usage period are not only stored within your Account (for example: private messages sent to other Users, email notifications sent to other Users and Shared Content on other platforms), these Content will then be available even after you delete your Account and may not be rendered anonymous. In addition, as detailed above, the User Content contained on the Site that will not be removed from it before and in the event of a Cancellation of your Account will remain available on the Site.
The User has the opportunity to share the Content posted on the Site also on the personal bulletin board of his Facebook profile. The opinions, judgments, evaluations expressed and available on the Site are solely and exclusively the views of the User and are in no way related to or associated with the Company and / or directly and / or indirectly linked to the Company. The Company is therefore relieved of any guarantee of completeness, truthfulness, validity, any information, news or information contained in the Content on the Site.

The User acknowledges and agrees that the Site, the Public Profile of the User, the Content, may be indexed by other search engines.
The User is aware of and agrees that the staff of IDIX WORLD S.R.L. may make changes to the Content that he publishes, in order to improve its usability by other Users of the Service. Once you make these changes, the previous versions of the Modified Contribution will no longer be available.

You agree to be aware of and accept that the Company may cancel the Content on the Site at any time at your own discretion and without any obligation to notify the User whose content has been deleted.
We would like to draw the user's attention to the fact that, in the case of the Cancellation of the Account and in general of the resolution of the report, in accordance with the provisions of the national laws governing the matter (D.Lgs. 109/2008, which amended the D. Lgs. 196/2003), the Company will remain obligated to retain some User Data for the period of time provided for in the aforesaid decree.

11. Link
Any Link listed on the Site relating to third-party sites may be used under the sole responsibility of the User who is associated with it for the purposes permitted by law and governed by the rules and conditions imposed by the owners and / or managers of the aforementioned sites. Site reporting is done at voluntary initiative by Users. The Company shall not be liable for this matter, including with regard to the content and purpose of such sites, and the relative reliability and / or seriousness of such sites. The User who links to these sites assumes any relevant risk or liability. The fact that a link to other third-party sites is found within the Site does not imply, or does not entail, any approval, sharing or authorization by the Company as the links in question are reported as described above by Users, and does not assume any direct or indirect involvement by the Company.
It is not permitted to publish shortened links, BitTorrent URLs, Referral links that, if published, will be deleted.
The Company reserves the right not to undertake any obligation or obligation to monitor and review all or part of the Link published on the Site and to proceed at any time with the removal, deletion or deletion on its discretionary evaluation , without being subjected to any disputes or claims in that regard.

12. Legality and Code of Conduct
We will now and will continue our commitment to ensure our site is a secure site, but we can not guarantee it.
You are aware that the use of the Services offered by IDIX WORLD S.R.L. it could expose him to the view of content he thought was offensive and unpleasant and that the use of the Services is made aware of this risk.
The User is also aware and accepts that the Services offered on the Website may contain links or content from other websites. The Company can not be held responsible in any way, except for content processed by persons belonging to its organization.

We ask that users, in order to help protect the security of the Site, undertake to:
1. Do not in any way jeopardize the security of the Site, the Service and its Users.
2. Do not undertake illegal marketing actions, even by using the Account and / or the Profile of other Users.
3. Do not upload viruses or other malicious codes, access other means on the Site and / or the Service, or use automated tools without our permission, do not take actions that may prevent, overburden, or compromise the proper functioning of the Service and Site .
4. Do not Publish Content that is of a Pornographic Nature or Meaning of Incitement to Hatred and Violence, harassing and / or proud of any discrimination (racial, religious, sexual, etc.) or containing free violence.
5. Do not use the Service to publish Content and / or take action and conduct that is contrary to the law and / or defamatory of the rights, ideas and other users' guidelines, such as but not limited to:
require personal data in violation of existing laws;
to disclose other people's privacy and privacy information, such as non-exhaustive and non-exhaustive information: people's names and numbers, phone numbers, private addresses, emails, etc .;

to disclose confidential information and information relating to Company and other legal entities, such as confidential and confidential information, as a purely non-exhaustive and non-exhaustive, information covered by industrial secret, information that can not be made public by the express will of the legitimate holder , etc;
to promote illicit activities or injurious, threatening, obscene, defamatory or slanderous behaviors;
to advertise copies of works in violation of the laws for the protection of intellectual property rights;
involve junk e-mail, chain mail, or unsolicited messages to target groups, instant messaging, spim or spam; contain limited access or password-only pages, or hidden pages or images (that is, not linked to or accessible to other pages); publish BitTorrent links, short URLs, or referral links; favoring or promoting criminal activities or businesses or providing information on illicit activities,
to ask other users for personal or commercial identity or personal identification data that promote the propaganda of organizations declared illegal by the Constitution or the applicable laws;
in general, use the Site and the Service for illegal, deceptive or discriminatory purposes.

6. Do not encourage or encourage any breach of this Code of Conduct and any of the principles set forth in this Agreement.
7. Do not Publish Defamatory Content and / or non-compliant Content for the Company, other Users, or other companies.
8. Do not use our copyright, trademarks, logos or similar symbols that may cause users to confuse without prior written permission from the Company.
9. Do not use copyright, trademarks, logos or similar symbols of companies, organizations, or any third party, in such a way as to create confusion with the legitimate owner or user, without express permission from the legitimate holder.
10. Do not violate in any way the industrial and / or intellectual property rights of third parties.
11. Do not use the Content for commercial purposes that you have not previously been authorized in writing by the Company.
12. Do not undertake actions that may prevent, overburden, compromise, the proper functioning of the Service and the Site.

13. Do not use the Service in such a way as to make it conform to its use which is not consistent with the purposes that inspire the logic that is and remain to create a content sharing and exchange environment, by taking disturbing actions damages to other Users and / or the entire Community IDIX WORLD SRL and which can consequently undermine the correct use of the Service for Other Users.
If the prohibitions and restrictions contained in this Code of Conduct are deemed to be violated, the Company reserves the right to remove all Content released by the User, as well as to temporarily or permanently disable the Account and / or access to Service and Site by the Author of Violations.
We again invite the User to read our Rules carefully, which provides information about the behavior rules that Users must abide by when using the Service.

You acknowledge that you are aware of and agree that, in virtue of all the provisions of this Agreement, you are in any case recognized and without prejudice to the Company's right to remove at any time and at your own discretion the Content published by the User , disable, temporarily or permanently, the Account and / or access to the Service and Site by the User.
The User who believes that the deletion of his / her Content is flawed and / or incorrectly motivated shall have the right to report his / her reasons by sending an e-mail to the following address: regolamento@universointer.com ".

14. Communications to Users
The Company will be able to send technical communications related to its Services. The Company may send to the Users, messages, communications, announcements, including, but not limited to, notifications, communications concerning the Services, either through the Site or by e-mail. The User will be able to check the type of communications they will receive by connecting to their Account.

15. Intellectual Property and Service Use License
The User acknowledges that the Company holds all rights, securities, and interests related to the Services, including, but not limited to, all underlying software and technology and all Intellectual Property Rights in relation to Services other than those indicated and described in referred to in paragraph 10 (Contents) and 11 (Link) of this document. "Intellectual Property Rights" means all existing Intellectual Property Rights from time to time in any part of the world, in accordance with applicable law, including, without limitation, applicable law on patents, copyright, secret law, trademarks and unfair competition and any and all applications, renewals, extensions and restorations of such rights, now or in the future, in force worldwide.
The Company grants each User a personal license to use the software and programs on the Site as tools necessary for the use of the Services rendered. The license is free of charge, valid worldwide, non-exclusive and non-transferable to any title.
You may not, or even partially, use, copy, or otherwise use the above mentioned software and programs for any purpose other than the use of the Services. Any other use must be approved in advance by the Company in writing.
The software that is in use can be downloaded automatically and updated by accessing the Site without prior notice and / or authorization request to the User. Software updates will be aimed at improving existing Services and / or adding new features. The User is aware and agrees to receive automated updates and / or updates of the software and applications concerning IDIX WORLD S.R.L., as integral parts of the terms and conditions of use of the Services.

16. Infringement of Intellectual Property
Respect for Intellectual Property Rights is a fundamental concept for us. This document prohibits Users from publishing Content in violation of Intellectual Property Rights.
The Company respects the intellectual property rights of the creators. If you believe that your work has been copied, published, or otherwise contained within the Services in a manner that constitutes a violation of the Intellectual Property, you may provide our staff with the following information:
(i) an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the Intellectual Property Right;
(ii) a description of work protected by Intellectual Property Rights that is deemed to have been violated;
(iii) a description of where the material contained in the Site is in violation of Intellectual Property Rights;
(iv) address, telephone number and e-mail address of the rights holder or his legal representative;
(v) a written statement from the rightholder and / or his / her legal representative stating that the disputed use is not authorized by the owner of the Intellectual Property Right, its representative or by law;
(vi) a statement made under their own responsibility that such information contained in the notification is accurate and that the author is the owner of the Intellectual Property Right or is authorized to act on his behalf. Notifications of allegations of violation of Intellectual Property Rights must be sent to the following addresses: To the following e-mail address, by e-mail: regolamento@universointer.com.
We reserve the right to remove any Content that is deemed to violate Intellectual Property Rights at our sole discretion and without prior notice. Our Policy provides for the deletion of Subscriber Accounts that are repeatedly responsible for violating Intellectual Property Rights.

17. Changes
The Contract may be modified and / or supplemented by the Company at any time and in all its parts. The change of the Contract will be communicated to Users via a notice published on the Website's homepage.
The User undertakes to take a view, whenever he / she accesses the Site, of the published Contract and to comply with them, by accepting tacitly, through the use of the Service, all the modifications and additions that may be made to the Contract.
Uninterrupted use of the Service as a result of changes to our Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service constitutes implicit acceptance of the changed conditions.
By express agreement, the versions of the Agreement up to date and published on the Website replace the previous ones. The User will have nothing to claim in connection with any subsequent changes in the Contract and in any case waives any claim to it.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Agreement, with any subsequent editorial changes, will remain fully effective for as long as the User will use the Services.

18. Advertising Ads
The Company may, at any time, decide to publish content on the Site without prior notice of such decisions to Users.

19. Resolution
The Company reserves the right to discontinue the supply by disabling and / or deleting the User Account that, covertly or deliberately, violates the law and / or the provisions of the Contract. This can happen if the behavior contrary to the rules actually causes harm to third parties and / or damages to the Company, and if irregular behavior is only potentially likely to create damages and / or risks to the Company and to the Users. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company is entitled to take action against the User for any damages sustained and that it is in violation of the law and / or the contract.

20. Contract
You acknowledge that you are aware and accept, without any reservations, that this document constitutes the Agreement governing the relationship between the same User and the Company. The Agreement, and any subsequent amendment to this version, prevails on any prior agreement.
The Contract may be unilaterally modified by the Company.
All rights and obligations relating to the Contract may be transferred by the Company in the event of a merger, acquisition or sale of goods or other transaction.

21. Exclusion of Liability
In the event that the User's irregular and / or illegal conduct results from actions by third parties directed against the Company, the User shall be liable to indemnify and compensate the Company for any and all loss, loss or expenditures (including legal expenses and costs) connected and descended from the above mentioned actions.
The Company can not guarantee that the Website will always be safe or error-free or that it will always work without interruption, delays or imperfections.
The Company assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions, interruptions, cancellations, defects, delays in the operation of the Site and / or Services, abnormalities on the line, theft, destruction, unauthorized access or alteration of Users or Subscribers communications, theft identity and any other illegal conduct, whether by Users or third parties, whether on a network or in any other situation.

The Company is not liable for any technical problems or faults involving network or telephone lines, online computer systems, servers, computer equipment, software, failure to operate e-mail programs or audio / video playback caused by technical problems or congestion on the Internet or on the Services offered.
The Company is not responsible for any Third Party Actions, Content or Data, so staff, directors, agents and employees are relieved of any known or unknown damages or damages resulting from their use and are not in any way connected with any complaints directed against such third parties. The Company can not be held liable for any lost or other consequential, special, indirect or accidental damages arising out of or in connection with this Declaration, even if it has been notified of the occurrence of such damages even if only from the use of the Services, whatever the title.

22. Applicable law and exclusive jurisdiction
For all disputes that may arise between the Company and the User, only Italian law will apply. The User declares, without any reservation, to accept that the Court of Cagliari will exclusively have jurisdiction over the territorial jurisdiction of the Tribunal to which all possible litigations have to be handed over.

23. Communications
For any communications, including alerts and / or complaints, the User may write an e-mail to the following addresses:

areatecnica@universointer.com: For all technical issues and suggestions for platform enhancement proposals, etc.

regolamento@universointer.com: for all the violations of our "Regulations" and the infringement of copyright or copyright.

privacy@universointer.com: For all reporting related to the issues related to Privacy and data management on our platform (Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions).

info@universointer.com: for sending communications to the administrative and commercial area (partnership proposals, company information, business contacts, etc.).


Participation in the "Universo Inter" Social Network is dedicated exclusively to the FAN of the football team "F.C. Milan international".
Fans of all other teams are excluded and for this a filtering is activated in the first levels of the Social at the time of registration.

24.1) INTER FAN: dedicated to the majority of FANs. By registering your account at this level you are entered in the START LEVEL.
This level is free and entitles you to access the areas of the Universe but does not entitle you to participate in games that provide prizes.

24.2) INTER CLUB: dedicated to members of the INTER CLUB of the F.C. Inter Club Coordination Center Milan international.
When registering, it is mandatory to indicate the number of the Inter Club card. By registering your account at this level, you are entered in LEVEL 2
This level provides for an annual fee of 9.00 euros.
Members registered with the Inter Club Coordination Center are excluded from paying this fee.
ATTENTION: At the moment this paid level is not active!

PRESIDENTS INTER CLUB: dedicated to the members of the INTER CLUB Presidents of the F.C. Inter Club Coordination Center Milan international.
When registering, it is mandatory to indicate your Inter Club card number. And other information regarding your INTER CLUB. By registering your account at this level you are entered into LEVEL 3
This level provides for an annual fee of € 14.00.
Members registered with the Inter Club Coordination Center are excluded from paying this fee.
ATTENTION: At the moment this paid level is not active!

24.3) BUSINESS: reserved for partners and commercial operators who request an agreement with "Universo Inter". The rental of spaces and any shops will be free of charge in exchange for favorable offers for users.
When registering, it is mandatory to indicate the VAT number and other information on the commercial activity. By registering your account at this level you are entered in LEVEL 4
This level provides for an annual fee of € 25.00.
Members registered with the Inter Club Coordination Center are excluded from paying this fee.
ATTENTION: At the moment this paid level is not active!

The "Universointer.com" site is exclusive to Inter fans.

Supporters of other teams will not be accepted. The registration and the account of the latter will be blocked in the moment that behaviors will not be in line with the spirit of the Nerazzurri fans.
In any case, an Nerazzurri fan will have to behave politely and in line with the rules of good education. Possible disappointments towards the team may be there but within the limits of creativity and without serious offenses against the company, the team and the other fans.

Some of our collaborators will monitor the Social in search of those members who will not maintain correct behavior or will clearly show that they are not Inter fans.
These members will be suspended and then expelled and will not be reimbursed for any subscriptions already paid. Any credits for months not taken will be donated to the PUPI FOUNDATION.

Some words are intentionally banned from "Inter Universe" and will not be visible. Instead, asterisks will appear. The continued abuse of these words will lead to temporary or permanent suspension of the account.

The Nerazzurri Universe consists of multiple platforms. The first one develops a Social Network while in the second one they will find the great special initiatives. Entry is foreseen on the "SPECIAL PORT" page and will be active as soon as possible.

In the Universe there are the "CREDITS" and they are the virtual currency of the site.
The "CREDITS" are won by doing numerous actions in the pages of the site (putting a like, uploading a photo, opening a page, becoming a moderator in a group or a Forum ect ...)
CREDITS can be used in the "STORE UNIVERSO" and, soon, also in participating shops that will accept them according to the rules described in the CREDITS page.
CREDITS can also be purchased when offers are offered for sale in the STORE UNIVERSO.
CREDI TI may also be passed from one user to another.
CREDITS can be donated by UNIVERSO INTER in case of special events
CREDITS can be found on some pages of the UNIVERSE and by sending the code found they will be uploaded by UNIVERSO INTER on their own account.
CREDITS can also be used to achieve a higher level and scale the hierarchy of the UNIVERSE.

With CREDITS you can get special permits to take part in telequiz, games, UNIVERSE events.
Currently the CREDITS are obtained exclusively using the site in the web version. Soon the service will be activated also to the users of the APPs for IOS and ANDROID.

Depending on the level of membership, the functions provided for that level will be unlocked.

The transition to the next level takes place in the CREDITS page.
Once you have the number of CREDITS you need to go to the CREDITS page and buy the level by paying, exclusively, with the CREDITS.
This has value for a year. At the end of which it will be necessary to purchase the level with euros or again with the sufficient number of CREDITS

32) IDIX WORLD S.r.l. You can change this internal regulation whenever it is necessary and will do so by communicating it on the website www.universointer.com.

Update: May 2019

The F.C. brand and logo Internazionale Milano are the exclusive property of F.C. Milan international. Idix World S.r.l. Contacts with F.C. International for its involvement in the "Inter Universe" project already started in January 2008 with former President Massimo Moratti and the Commercial Directorate of F.C. Internazionale Milano at its headquarters in Corso Vittorio Emanuele Milan. Soon contacts will also be made with the new property so that F.C. International get advantages from this initiative.

For information on the complete "Universo Inter" project, send an email to: info@universointer.com